Thank you for your interest in applying for the Mecarvi Scholarship. We are intrigued that you are interested in furthering your education and we’re here to help. Mecarvi Holding Corporation is proud to offer qualified students an academic scholarship to their desired accredited college or university for the 2023-2024 academic school year. The scholarship award is solely based upon students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements and wants to pursue am Associate or Undergraduate Degree.

Eligibility Requirements


Candidates must have graduated high school/secondary school


US candidates must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.6 and international candidates must have a minimum of Eight (8) CXC Subjects


Candidates must be interested in pursuing either an associate or undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university in the United States


Candidates must demonstrate financial hardship


Candidates must remain enroll as a full-time student for the duration of studies


Candidates must be already accepted into the University or Colleges for the Fall 2023 semester.

Application Requirements

A completed scholarship application for

An official sealed transcript or a notarized certified copy of CXC Certificate

Certified copies of all academic diplomas, certificates and awards

A copy of ACT or SAT Score (if applicable)

A copy of a valid Government Issued ID


application image

A 500-word typed essay

Two notarized letters of recommendations/references in sealed envelopes

Tuition estimates per year

Proof of enrollment at your desired educational institution (Acceptance Letter)

One recent passport size photo

General Scholarship Guidelines


Scholarship funds will be made payable directly to the educational institute at the beginning of each semester for the two- or four-year degree program once the applicant maintains all the requirements of the scholarship. If the recipient is required to repeat any courses for whatsoever reason, then they must do so at their own expenses.


Recipients must submit an official transcript to our scholarship department at the end of every academic school year. Please note, if the transcript is altered for whatsoever reason, the recipients will automatically be deemed disqualified. informati


The Mecarvi Scholarship fund only covers tuition expenses for the Fall and Spring semesters during. If recipients wish to attend school in the Summer semesters, they are responsible for all tuition expenses incurred. In some cases, if the student demonstrates exceptional academics performance, Certifyd Technologies may cover the entire Summer tuition expenses.


Recipients must be enrolled full time (no less than 15 credits per semester) continuously for the entire duration of the degree program and must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in order to remain enrolled in the scholarship program. In addition, if the recipient falls below the GPA requirements at any time during the degree program, they will be giving a probation period of one semester to improve their GPA to meet the minimum requirements. In the event, they have not met the minimum GPA requirements after the probation period, they will automatically be terminated from the scholarship program. Once disqualified from the program, such recipient will not be awarded any future scholarships. Each applicant is solely responsible for seeking admission at their desired education institution and must be accepted for the Spring 2021 semester.


Applicants must always keep copies of all documents submitted to our scholarship department because once received they become part of our records and would not be returned under any circumstances. Please do not submit original documents; only certified copies.

Application Instructions

To apply for the Mecarvi Scholarship, please send your completed application June 11, 2023. Applications postmarked after this date will not be accepted.

Please send completed application packet to:

Mecarvi Holdings Corporation

526 Forest Parkway

Forest Park GA 30297

If you have any questions, please email

[email protected]

Essay – Please choose any essay topics below:

  • Why should you be considered for the 2023 Mecarvi Scholarship?
  • How do you anticipate making a contribution to society?
  • Describe your career goals and what strengths/assets do you have that you feel would contribute to your chosen profession?


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